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BRANTIER is Japan's leading anti-aging cosmetics brand.

➤Rated★★★★★ 6.4 ( out of 7 !) Very highly rated on Japan's largest cosmetics review site @cosme !

Different from other cosmetic products! Features of BRANTIER

★Feature 1 Highly concentrated formula

For example, major cosmetics manufacturers, which require huge commercial advertising costs, have a rule of keeping the beauty ingredient content to under 7%.
However, in order to challenge the industry’s common sense, we have reduced advertising costs and used high-quality ingredients that have been proven to be effective. "Contains high concentration to the limit of the container."
Contains more than 5 times more raw materials and undiluted solution than usual.

*Fullerene has obtained the RS mark for high concentration certification.
*Do not dilute with water.

★Feature 2 Aging care is meaningless unless it pentrates and is absorbed

Brantier is developed by a team that has worked on cutting-edge osmotic stem cell science in Kobe Medical Industrial City, one of the largest in Japan .
For example, the penetrating human stem cell culture extract has an ultra-nano size of 10nm compared to the general 230nm!
With its strong introduction power, the beauty ingredients gradually penetrate into the skin, and by staying inside the skin for a long time, it can continue to supply the ingredients from within.

★Feature 3 Truly high-class beauty ingredients

based on clinical and evidence-based products that have passed strict standards and tests, including a golden ratio formula of "Nobel Prize-winning skin-whitening ingredient fullerene," "osmotic human stem cell culture extract," and "plant stem cells ," giving you the chance to experience synergistic effects.

* Please note that this item may be out of stock.
* Beauty ingredients are blended (instead of using thickening agents) to create a luxurious feel. Because we use pure ingredients , we store them in completely light-tight containers and serve them in small quantities.

★Feature 4 No additives

We do not use ethanol (alcohol), mineral oil , synthetic colorants, parabens, etc.

We do not use unnecessary ingredients for the purpose of "appearance".
・Thick feel agent that creates a luxurious feel
・Synthetic polymer that coats the unevenness of the skin and makes it smooth
・Bulking agent that makes the amount appear larger
・Manufactured using the undiluted solution instead of diluting with water
* Allergy tested.

★Feature 5 Special testing system at Ashiya

Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, is a popular high-class residential area, and in September 2023, it was ranked 3rd in the national ranking of livable cities (1st place is Chuo Ward, Tokyo) .

By repeatedly conducting "blind tests" while holding round-table discussions with nearly 100 people living in Ashiya who are familiar with major luxury brands, we were able to create a product that surpasses that of major luxury brands.
(Men's skin has six times more oil than women's, so prototype testing was conducted only for women)

★Feature 6 Reviews/Rankings

For example, as of October 2023, it is ranked in the top 30/1100 in the At Cosme beauty serum ranking.
Furthermore, our serum has been receiving a high rating of ★★★★★★ 6.4 out of 7z.
Most of the time people mentioned that “I bought Brantier because I was a friend recommended it.”

★Feature 7 Repeat rate 92%!

Brantier has a 92% rate of sample users purchasing the actual product.
We have received many happy comments from customers who know how to choose the right cosmetics saying “I can only use BRANTIER now.''

Please compare the high-quality cosmetics you are currently using and Brantier by using one on the left side and the other on the right side of your face.

★Feature 8 Maximum reduced selling price
We are passionate about letting as many people as possible know about the " real thing " rather than making a profit, so we have reduced the costs of opening a store, etc., and sold our products exclusively on our official website, thereby producing a high-quality beauty serum formula that typically costs between 30,000 and 50,000 yen but selling it at 1/3 of that price.

For Example) Beauty serum
32,800 yen ➤ 13,200 yen (tax included)

For international customers ( WorldShopping ), the discount is always 10% off instead of the first 20% off .

★ About the product

★Silky nano serum

For aging skin concerns. High-quality beauty ingredients such as ``whitening fullerene,'' ``osmotic human stem cell culture fluid,'' and ``plant stem cells,'' which are formulated at a high concentration to the limit of the container, are firmly introduced and penetrated deep into the skin. The next morning, you will notice a smooth and bright skin. It gives your skin its natural transparency and firmness, leading to firm and beautiful skin.

* Fullerene has obtained the RS mark for high concentration
* Uses undiluted solution without diluting with water.


★Silky nano cream

BRANTIER was developed by a team working on cutting-edge osmotic stem cell science at Kobe Medical Industrial City, one of the largest in Japan.
Penetrating human stem cell culture extract is ultra-nano size of 10nm! Although it is a cream, it has strong penetrating power and gradually penetrates deep into the skin.
By staying in the skin for a long time, it firmly supplies beauty and moisturizing ingredients to the skin, leading to moist and bright skin without wrinkles. A penetrating beauty cream that minimizes skin damage caused by UV rays and age.

★Silky moist lotion

Even though it is a lotion, it contains enough beauty ingredients. It adapts to your skin's texture and softens it, making it easier for the beauty ingredients in the beauty cream you use next to penetrate. Formulated with plant stem cells, with a focus on fine skin and moisturizing. It evens out the skin's texture, brings out the skin's natural transparency, and leads to youthful-looking skin.
* Perfect for moisturizing in the middle of winter and controlling fijis in the middle of summer.

★Cleansing cream

A cream type that does not harm the skin with highly purified vegetable squalane. With moderate cleaning power that does not cause dry or sensitive skin, it only removes old skin and does not strip the skin of moisture or sebum. It also has a film that doesn't feel like it's coming off, which is common when washing it off, and there's no stickiness. This cleansing cream separates the cleaning ingredients and washes them off, so there is no skin trouble caused by residual cleaning ingredients, leaving only a moisturizing effect.

★Cleansing foam

Contains over 90% fullerene and beauty ingredients. From washing to brighter skin. The ultra-soft, ultra-fine foam gently removes dirt without friction, and the sufficient beauty ingredients improve texture and enhance the absorption of serums and lotions. A special facial cleansing foam that leaves your face moisturized even after washing.

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